2024 Interior Design Trend Report (and How to Add Them Easily in Your Space)

Wednesday Nov 15th, 2023


It may be many weeks away, but 2024 is coming up fast, and so are the new trends in the interior design world. I’m currently undergoing a major renovation of my home and having the help of a designer (Grassroots Design) to show me what’s been popping up and taking over has helped me to make a lot of decisions through the process. If you’re looking to sell, buy—or just refresh your space like me—read on to discover what you’ll be seeing a lot of over the next twelve months or so. 

Comfortable & Cozy
Gone are the days of minimalist, cold spaces. Welcome back to lived-in comfort! The phrase “cottage core” may not be well known, but the clue is in the first word: cottage. In this case, it’s synonymous with relaxation, comfort, and coziness. Designers, homeowners, and renters alike are loving the sense of ease this trend creates for its inhabitants  As expected with a trend rooted in the feeling of being at a cottage, emphasis is placed here on using natural (often reclaimed) materials.

Add it easily to your space: add lots of natural, comfortable texture to any living space to make it feel more lived in. Add hand-woven knit blankets, extra cushions or pillows, or choose curtains instead of blinds, and consider real wood tables that feel unique and imperfect with natural grain. And be brave: mix textures, colours and designs.

Speaking of “cottage core,” popular furniture, flooring, and decor are returning to natural materials and shapes. More naturally-occuring forms (think curves, waves, and soft edges) are fast becoming the preferred choice over more angular, sharp shapes popular in the recent past. These “real” materials not only tend to last longer, but they aim to create a more harmonious balance between the inside and the outside.

Add it easily to your space: Artisan-created decor like glass-blown vases, sculptures made from natural material, or upholstered furniture with natural fibres like cotton will give that feeling of connection to the natural world (literally and metaphorically!). Also–don’t forget plants, which will look gorgeous and filter your air.

Warm Tones
A continuing shift to warm colours has been popular this past year and continues to be gaining steam. Cold, bright white walls have been losing popularity, replaced with warmer whites with creamier tones, as well as darker colours replacing white altogether. In my renovation, I’ve been using Farrow & Ball paint, well known for their rich, deep selections. These colours give a sense of depth and luxury to your home, harkening back to movements like the Arts & Crafts, and design periods such as the Victorian or Edwardian eras. The warm glow created from reflected light on these colours will continue that feeling of comfort throughout your home. And don’t worry about spaces feeling small: you’d be surprised how much open a space can feel with deep, warm tones.

Add it easily to your space: if you’re not ready (or able) to repaint your home, choose one room (like your living area) or even just a feature wall to make an impact. Or, you can start adding warm-coloured touches: new dark curtains, or warm-toned paintings, cushions, or other accessories can start to add that great feeling of warmth to your space! Even consider switching your light bulbs to warm white instead of brighter daylight hues.

Knowing what’s trending in the design doesn’t just keep you up to date on what’s popular, but it can offer a real advantage. By keeping your space current and on trend, you may well have a much easier time when it comes to selling (because who really wants to renovate right before you leave a space anyway?). And considering 2024’s trends feel like a return to more traditional materials, forms and colours, they have the added benefit of being timeless and aging well into the coming years.

Have more questions about design? Thinking of making a change to help you sell? I’d love to chat! Reach out anytime.

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