8 Ways to Maximize the Space in Your Home

8 Ways to Maximize The Space in Your Home

Tuesday Sep 29th, 2020


Your needs have changed from when you originally purchased your home. Suddenly your home has become your workplace, your gym and maybe a school or daycare centre as well. But that’s okay! You may be surprised to find that there are many spaces within your home that are currently being under-utilized. You just need to get a little creative to make the most of them before you can experience their potential.  

A Designated Space  
A narrow desk can turn an unused wall or awkward corner into a functional office space. A desk that’s no greater than 15” is ideal because it doesn’t take up a large footprint. Bonus points if you’re able to find a comfortable chair that fits snuggly underneath. You can maximize the space above the desk with a pinboard or floating shelves for additional storage. Add some noise-cancelling headphones if needed and you’re all set to be productive in your new workspace.  

Outdoor Made Indoor  
Extend the season of your small balcony or sunroom by adding cozy throws or an outdoor carpet to add warmth to the space. Who doesn’t love to sip on hot tea while working away on a crisp  Fall morning? Adding an outdoor gas fireplace (be sure to follow local regulations) to your deck or patio can also help to extend the use of the space into Fall which makes it the perfect spot for socially-distant gatherings.  

Store Even More  
You’ve been stocking up on essentials but are running out of space to put things. Closets are  often under-utilized but you can easily gain back valuable space when they are organized  properly. Open your closet and look up. Can you add another shelve or two up top for items that aren’t as commonly used? Hooks on the backside of the door and stackable boxes are other great ways to maximize space.  

The Pop-Up Desk  
Unable to create a new workspace and your kitchen table has become your office and a remote  learning school? Reserve a drawer or cupboard nearby to store all laptops and school supplies when they’re not being used to keep clutter under control. Having a dedicated spot to easily tidy away all work and school related items will also allow you to truly sign off and disconnect at the end of each day.  

The Home Gym  
Being motivated to work out at home can be tough and a lack of space is sometimes an excuse. Adding some insulation and windows to a garage can transform an otherwise unappealing space  into a usable home gym. Garages are also great for accommodating larger exercise equipment  that may difficult to get inside your home. Looking to transform your basement into a home gym but tight on ceiling height? Opt for an exercise bike. If you’re short on space altogether try bins with weights, bands or yoga equipment that can easily be tucked away under a bed or in a closet  and pulled out for an instant workout space.

Seasonal Switch Up  
Instantly create more space in closets and cupboards by storing away anything you won’t be using for the season. With cooler weather around the corner it’s a good time to go through your closet and pack Spring and Summer clothes away into storage bins. This is also the case if your front closet or mudroom has been taken over by sidewalk chalk and bicycle helmets. By storing away seasonal items you’re eliminating clutter and taking back much-needed space.  

The Bustling Kitchen  
With spending more time at home these days many of us are also spending more time in our kitchens cooking and baking. Your kitchen may not be designed to handle pandemic-level baking and counter space may be fleeting. A small removable island is a great way to add back valuable counter space. Short on drawer space but have some free walls? Hooks are a great way to uniquely display cooking utensils and gadgets.  

The Multi-Purpose Yard  
Give your yard some love! Even the smallest outdoor yards can be the perfect oasis. If you don’t have the space for a garden a greenery wall along a fence or hanging planters are great alternatives and space savers. No room for a play structure? Outdoor chalkboards or music walls made from repurposed household items are a great way to keep little ones entertained.  

Your needs have changed and it may feel daunting but it doesn’t mean you necessarily need  to change addresses just yet. Sometimes all it takes is a little creativity to maximize the existing space within your home and make it functional for you and your family. 

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