How to Turn Even the Smallest Spaces into an Outdoor Oasis

Wednesday Jun 16th, 2021


Summer is just around the corner and now is the perfect time to get outside and make the most of the long sunny days. Whether enjoying a morning coffee in the sunshine, cozying up with a good book on a rainy afternoon, or gathering with a few friends on a warm evening, having an outdoor space that you love to spend time in is a summer must-have. 

Fortunately, outdoor spaces don’t need to be grand to be functional and enjoyable. If you don’t have a large yard or spacious patio that’s okay! Even the smallest front porches, balconies, or even driveways can transform into a welcoming outdoor oasis with the right setup and decor. By incorporating some of the items below you’ll not only create an outdoor space you’ll love to spend time in, but you can also showcase the potential your home has if you’re considering putting your home on the market.

Define the Space
Outdoor Rugs help to define a space and add an element of texture. They are also an appreciated addition on top of wood decking or patio stones to help make things a little softer on feet. Before purchasing, ensure the rug is designed specifically for outdoor use so that it holds up to outdoor elements and won’t fade or retain water.

Maximize Multipurpose
When space is a bit more limited you’ll need to evaluate how you’ll most often be using your outdoor space. Are you hoping to dine and work outside? Or do you think you’ll spend more time reading and relaxing and perhaps some lounge seating might be more appropriate? A two person bistro set takes up a small area and can be paired with two more lounge style chairs for the best of both worlds. If you’ve got a bit more space and are hoping to accommodate a larger group, a dining set with more soft-style seating provides flexibility for both.

Create an Evening Ambience 

String lights are an easy way to create a lovely outdoor ambience and can work in even the smallest spaces. There are many different styles available, from bistro style or edition bulbs that can be strung to small twinkle lights that are ideal for wrapping around trees or railings. Solar options are also available and can be helpful if you have some outdoor electrical outlet constraints. 

Brighten Things Up 
For times when you may need a bit more lighting, such as dining or reading, lanterns are more effective. These either come with a battery operated candle already included or just the lantern itself with the option to add a real or battery operated candle. Battery operated candles are a safe alternative for children and pets while still looking quite realistic. 

Extend the Evening
For cooler evenings, it’s great to still be able to sit out and enjoy the outdoors. Even the smallest of outdoor spaces can accommodate some style of outdoor fireplace. From tiny, portable “table top” fire bowls, to sleek fire tables to larger, built in fire pits there are lots of options on the market. Always be sure to check the local and building guidelines on what types of outdoor heating is permitted.

Play Up Nature 

Depending on your outdoor space and how many plants, flowers and trees are already around you, you may want to add some more greenery to your outdoor space. For example, if you’re looking to transform a condominium balcony, introducing plants and flowers are a lovely way to balance out brick or concrete and bring a sense of calm. A vertical garden, potted plants or fresh cut flowers and stems not only add a decor element but are also a visually appealing way to gain a bit of extra privacy. 

Get Comfy 
Get cozy on a crisp, bright morning or add a little extra warmth when the sun goes down by keeping some throws on hand. They add a texture to your setup and are super practical too. Pair them with some outdoor pillows to add some additional colours and prints. Add a pouf to your setup for some quick and easy additional seating to complete your relaxed look.

Dine with No Fuss 

Unbreakable drink and dinnerware is the way to go for all your al fresco dining. Melamine or acrylic are both durable and safe material options. Available in many summery hues and patterns, it may be tough to choose just one set. Fortunately, you won’t need to worry about them breaking when dropped as these materials are pretty resilient. Investing in a large, sturdy tray is also a huge help when carrying things in and out and it can double as a side table when placed on top of an ottoman. 

Turn Up the Beats
If you’d like the option to play music outside, investing in an outdoor speaker is the way to go as they are built to withstand the elements.There are many brands and models on the market with varying features, sound quality and durability. Opting for a portable, wireless model with a long-lasting battery and bluetooth connectivity gives you the flexibility to easily move the speaker around and ease of going extended periods without charging. These are helpful too if outdoor electrical outlets aren’t conveniently located or if wifi isn’t reliable outdoors. Smart outdoor speakers are also an option and can be part of your smart eco-system for voice-controls.

An outdoor oasis doesn’t require a grand space to be enjoyed! Even the smallest, and non-traditional outdoor spaces can become a desirable retreat for working, dining, playing or relaxing with the right setup and decor. 


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