Home Decor and Colour Trends for 2022

Thursday Dec 30th, 2021


Out with the old and in with the new! With a new year comes new trends in colour and style. Whether you’re looking to keep up with the latest trends or you just need a little change, we’ve highlighted some home decor and colour trends you’ll likely be seeing in 2022. 

Creating curves

From curved archways to crescent sofas, rounded edges and curved shapes are expected to make a more predominant appearance in furniture and design in 2022. The resurgence of this mid-century modern trend means staying away from previously popular sharp lines and clean edges. Mirrors, small accent furniture, and hardware are more subtle ways to incorporate this trend into your home.


Throwback textures

From terrazzo tile to wallpaper, 2022 is expected to bring us textures that are a blast from the past. Terrazzo tile, which first became popular in the 1920’s and again in 1970’s, is adding a retro feel to kitchen, bathrooms and bar areas. Also very popular in the 1920’s, wallpaper continues to be on trend, gracing our walls with bold patterns and intricate prints.


Gorgeous greens

The colour green is expected to continue its 2021 popularity. From kitchens to bedrooms, everyone was drawn to the tranquility and calm of green (likely in an effort to distract from the uncertainty and stress the global pandemic has brought). Behr agrees, with its 2022 colour of the year being “Breezeway”, a shade that is reminiscent of the blue-green colour of sea glass. Glidden’s 2022 pick, “Guacamole”, it’s also giving us major green vibes with its playful shade inspired by avocado green. 


Less is more

While a more minimalist style of living has been popular for quite some time, this trend is expected to carry on into 2022 as we continue to spend more time in our homes and as a society we continue to become more mindful of the negative environmental impacts of consumerism. While there is still the goal to declutter and live with less, there is expected to be more of a shift towards opting for items made from sustainable materials while using sustainable processes. 


Playful colours

Also likely inspired by the pandemic, pops of colour and overall bolder colour choices are expected in 2022. This is best demonstrated by Pantone’s colour of the year for 2022 “Very Peri”, which is a vibrant and joyful share of periwinkle. Valspar couldn’t pick just one colour of the year but instead selected a series of colours for 2022, including “Delighted Moon”, a golden, retro yellow, and “Lilac Lane”, a shade of bubblegum pink. 2022 colour picks showcase an effort to infuse a little fun, excitement, and spontaneity into our spaces.


Embracing nature

Moving into the new year we’ll continue to see a desire to bring the outdoors in through incorporating more elements from nature in our homes. Plants and botanicals, wood accents, woven rattans, and stone pieces all bring a feeling of new life, growth, and rejuvenation. This is taken to greater heights in new design and architecture through biophilic design, a term for a design methodology where nature is truly embraced in our living environments. Colour picks for 2022 that are aligned with this trend include Benjamin Moore’s “October Mist”, a pale, earthy green, and Sherwin-Williams “Evergreen Fog” and organic grey-green. 


By incorporating colour and decor trends into your home you can refresh your space, explore colour psychology, and keep your home in style. Keeping a pulse on the latest trends can also be beneficial if you’re thinking of selling in the future as buyers will be intrigued by these elements. 




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